Expertise to Create Innovative Devices

basysKom delivers services on best-of-breed technologies with significant market adoption. Especially in fast moving markets, new and changing technologies require careful adoption using standard development methods.

basysKom's competencies include:

  • designing solutions and frameworks from open source and closed source components
  • expertise in designing connectivity APIs
  • managing performance and memory optimization
  • aiding with system integration, build systems, and development processes
  • removing roadblocks on the way to product releases
  • analyzing new technology and driving innovation in complex environments

Key Technology Areas

  • Qt Partner Logo
    We offer services for anything you can do with Qt: application design and development, UX design, framework & API design, Qt maintenance & support.  We have been a Qt Certified Partner since 2004 and are one of the most experienced major players for Qt solutions.
  • HTML5 LogoWeb Solutions 
    For web solutions we design architecture and implement backends. 
  • M2M and the Internet of Things
    Machine to machine communication requires a solid architecture. Using open source standards we design and implement APIs for distributed environments and integrating with the Cloud and the Internet of Things.
  • Embedded Linux
    Linux LogoDepending on the intended use of a device, we work with standard Embedded Linux platforms such as Android, Yocto, and Open Embedded, as well as desktop distributions. We also provide services based on OBS, hudson, and others using a variety of toolchains for chips provided by TI, Intel, Freescale, Renesas, PowerVR and more.