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Successfully managing projects since 2004

Benefitting from more than 15 years of experience in developing software for industrial and consumer market devices, we are able to choose the best technology as well as the best methodological approach for your project. For us, customer focus is not just a phrase, it’s a given.
Whether it’s software engineering, coaching, or consulting; at the start of your project or in the midst of it – our experience with hundreds of projects is at your disposal.


Qt or web-based? Microservice or Monolith? OPC UA or MQTT? Jenkins or Gitlab? Yocto or Buildroot? A variety of questions demand a sophisticated approach. We would be delighted to help you.

Our consulting services:

  • Helping you choose the right technology
  • Developing system and/or software architecture
  • Conception and prototype development
  • Reviewing and auditing
  • Workshops
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Sofware Engineering

Creating successful tailor-made software for fully satisfied customers is our commitment. Our work will always be transparent, self-dependent, and with a focus on quality. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s developing single components or complete applications; working closely with your developers or on our own; for a new project or an add-on.

One of our core strengths lies in agile cooperation with you. You have the technical core competence and a product vision; we have the experience and extensive know-how for a successful implementation.

If required, we can support the entire development and lifecycle adaptation of your application or hand over our work to your internal development followed by a continuous coaching process.

Software development is rarely a blank slate. Often you will have to use existing architectures and components, something we are very comfortable with; thanks to numerous customer projects.

In case of unpredictable challenges in your ongoing development, our experts will gladly help you to find a short-term solution.

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System Integration

Excellent software needs excellent development tools – especially if developers are working as a team. Even the smallest disruptions of your build processes, the handling of your external dependencies, or your version control systems will cost valuable time, motivation, and efficiency.

Our system integrators have extensive experience in build, continuous integration, code review, and version control systems, and will gladly help you with designing ideal tools and processes.

CMake, git, SVN, Jenkins, Gitlab, Docker, and Gerrit are core tools used in our services.

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UI Design

We offer a wide range of UI design services to ensure the best possible user experience and smooth user interaction – even for complex applications.

The use of innovative survey methodologies allows us to understand the needs of the users exactly. We then create a holistic UI design using approaches that are all state-of-the-art. The resulting software prototypes are carefully tested with the latest scientific methods.

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To ensure that our trainings are perfectly tailored to your individual requirements, we develop your personal training agenda together with you. Our trainers are experienced software developers and bring with them many years of experience from a wide variety of customer projects.

Qt, Qt Quick/QML, Qt OPC UA, and open62541 are focal points of our services.

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For us, every coaching session revolves around the most efficient transfer of valuable knowledge, allowing your employees to work independently on the project in a timely manner. In a joint development, the team gains experience quickly, and the need for coaching decreases accordingly.

Technological coaching is ideally suited to reviewing your architecture, integrating your employees into the implementation processes, reviewing code, and solving difficult challenges. Jointly developing prototypes is another valuable feature of our coaching services.

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Heike Ziegler Managing Director