Technology basysKom

Independent, Open Minded, and Open Source Oriented

We develop platform independent HMIs and applications for embedded systems, desktops and mobile devices. We focus on implementation of applications for automation, machines, and devices in the brought range of e.g. smart-tv, infotainment, measuring devices, and milling machines.

By conviction we apply open standards and open source for sustainable product development.


Qt basysKom

We are Qt Specialists

Since our foundation we have been developing applications using Qt, Qt Quick/QML and C++ for embedded Linux, Windows, OSX, Android and iOS. Our team has successfully completed customer projects in various industries.
basysKom is a Qt service partner, all our developers are Qt-certified and two of our specialists are „Qt Approvers “.


  • Technical feasibility studies of UX interaction concepts
  • Development of system and software architecture
  • Implementation of responsive HMIs using Qt Widgets or Qt Quick/QML
  • Creation of frameworks, graphic components, and widget libraries for product platforms
  • Creation of complex international virtual keyboards
  • Implementation of application backends and development of interfaces to functional areas
  • Qt OPC UA development
  • Qt with embedded Linux
  • Connection to system functionality of specific platforms
  • Porting of existing applications to Qt (e.g. MFC or Motif)
  • Migration of legacy Qt applications to current versions of Qt
  • Cross-platform porting
  • Migration of build systems (e.g. to CMake)
  • Training and coaching your team


Web baysKom

Professional Use of Modern Web Technologies

Since 2012 we have been accompanying the journey from classic web applications to modern single-page applications.  In the frontend, we increasingly rely on Angular for single-page apps.

We develop applications for either high- or low-end embedded hardware as well as powerful desktop and mobile platforms. We use either Node.js/Typescript or C++ (with or without Qt) for developing backends.

Web Services

  • Technical feasibility studies of UX interaction concepts
  • Development of system and software architecture
  • Implementation of responsive HMIs
  • Creation of single-page applications with Angular
  • Creation of frameworks and component libraries for product platforms
  • Implementation of application backends with Node.js, NestJS and/or C++/Qt
  • Creation of distributed and scalable server architectures
  • Rest API-design and development
  • Websocket with
  • Data base development

Embedded Linux

Embedded Linux basysKom

Expertise in Application Development and System Integration

basysKom offers you many years of profound experience in the development of applications on embedded Linux - for example with Yocto, Buildroot, ptxdist, and Ubuntu. Many of the applications we develop are used on embedded Linux. Over the past 15 years we have built up extensive know-how that goes way beyond pure application development.

Embedded Linux Services

  • Consulting and coaching
  • Use of Yocto, Buildroot, Ptxdist, and Debian/Ubuntu
  • System architecture and choosing suitable software components
  • Development and maintenance of build descriptions (packaging)
  • Toolchains and build processes
  • Image and SDK creation
  • Proper use of free and open source licenses
  • Upgrade of Qt in diverse BSPs
  • Connectivity management using ConnMan or Networkmanager (Ethernet, Wi-FI, PLC, Mobile, AP)

Cloud & IoT

Cloud IoT basysKom

Tailor-Made Solutions for Your IoT Application

Connecting machines, sensors, and consumer products to a cloud service creates new business models. Cloud services offer a high availability of computing and storage capacities and open up new use cases which exceed traditional uses.

Microsoft Azure is one of the leading cloud platforms and offers a variety of infrastructural applications and services for implementing individual solutions.
basysKom has the necessary experience to choose the right cloud service for your sustainable and flexible architecture.

Cloud & IoT Services

  • Feasibility studies of digitization concepts
  • Development of server-, system-, and software architecture
  • Implementation of server applications using Node.js
  • Specification and implementation of distributed and scalable server architectures
  • Rest API design and development
  • Implementation of distributed and scalable websocket applications
  • Development of SQL and NoSQL data bases
  • Data acquisition from facilities, machines, and devices
  • Specification of digital shadows within a cloud
  • MQTT and AMQP
  • Development of digital twin and behaviour models in the cloud
  • Continuous deployment and Delivery (CI/CD) and DevOps
  • Retrofit of existing production lines, machines, and devices
  • Data analysis with Apache Spark
  • Development of modern web applications and companion apps


OPC UA basysKom

Interoperability with OPC UA

OPC UA is an integral part of industry 4.0. It is an open standard which aims at the frictionless exchange of data and the interoperability of machines and components. It was developed in the context of industrial automation and is being used in a growing number of industries.

open62541 is a free open source implementation of the OPC UA specification. basysKom is an active distributor and commercial support partner.

In 2015 we initiated 2015 Qt OPC UA with the aim to seamlessly integrate OPC UA services with Qt HMIs.

OPC UA Services

  • Consulting and training for OPC UA, open62541, and Qt OPC UA
  • Creation of information models
  • Implementation of client and server applications
  • Development of individual gateways and protocol translators
  • Development and upstreaming of new Qt OPC UA and open62541 features

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