Narda Saftey Test Solutions GmbH

The Fieldman Project
The Project and Customer
We worked with Narda Safety Test Solutions GmbH to create a modern, flexible, multi-platform solution for the next generation measurement devices and analytics applications based on Qt/QML.
About the Client

Narda is a leading provider of measuring equipment for the EMF Safety, RF Test & Measurement and EMC sectors. With its standards-compliant EMF measurement solutions for electrical and magnetic fields from 0 Hz to 90 GHz, Narda covers virtually all mobile radio services – including 5G.

In addition to the measuring equipment itself, Narda also offers software solutions to analyse, process and report the measurement results.

Narda STS Fieldman Projekt 1 basysKom, HMI Dienstleistung, Qt, Cloud, Azure

For the next generation of devices Narda Safety Test Solutions GmbH approached basysKom GmbH and Imago Design GmbH to replace their existing embedded HMI and the corresponding desktop application.

The goal was to create an unified device and desktop application experience that could also be extended to mobile devices.

The target was also to improve the development approach on the analytics applications, which where, historically, created as individual desktop applications for each new device. The approach for the new desktop application was to architect it as a generic platform to provide analytic functionality for current and future Narda devices.

Narda STS Fieldman Projekt 2 basysKom, HMI Dienstleistung, Qt, Cloud, Azure
Narda STS Fieldman Projekt 3 basysKom, HMI Dienstleistung, Qt, Cloud, Azure
Narda STS Fieldman Projekt 4 basysKom, HMI Dienstleistung, Qt, Cloud, Azure
Narda STS Fieldman Projekt 5 basysKom, HMI Dienstleistung, Qt, Cloud, Azure
Narda STS Fieldman Projekt 6 basysKom, HMI Dienstleistung, Qt, Cloud, Azure

In alignment with Narda's strategic objectives, we collectively decided to leverage the Qt/QML Framework for application development on the embedded device, the desktop application and mobile devices.

The first step in the implementation phase involved creating the embedded HMI application for the Narda FieldMan. After reaching the first internal milestones on the FieldMan project, we started building a prototype version of the Narda TSX desktop application. This was instrumental in demonstrating the scalability and flexibility of the architecture and technology stack we had selected.

The Narda TSX desktop application features robust capabilities for transferring and analyzing data from the FieldMan device using network, serial and optical communication interfaces. Users can generate customizable reports in a variety of file formats, manage projects and datasets, manage measurement standards and handle configuration settings. The architecture is designed to be extensible, allowing for the addition of features and compatibility with future devices beyond the currently supported FieldMan.

Alongside our core responsibilities of architecture consultation and software engineering services, basysKom also provides ongoing technical support and further consultation as needed.


  • The HMI was developed using Qt/QML running on an embedded Linux
  • Uses software rendering on a dual-core iMX.7 processor
  • Features custom high-performance chart rendering with minimal CPU impact
  • Engineered to operate seamlessly on mobile devices in the future


  • The application was developed using Qt/QML
  • Is compatible with both Windows 10 and Windows 11
  • Provides options for hardware- and software-rendering based on hardware capabilities
  • Includes custom high-performance chart rendering tailored to this specific application domain
  • Is designed with a plugin system for easy extensibility
  • Allows for custom report generation in ODS, ODF, and CVS formats

Unified design

  • The housing of the FieldMan, its integrated HMI, and the Narda TSX are united by a coherent, modern, and appealing design language, which was confirmed by the award of the RED Dot Design Award in 2023.
  • Our close collaboration with Imago Design GmbH enabled a swift and faithful realization of the design visions into the finished products.

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