BAUER Maschinen GmbH

Cabin user interface for specialist foundation engineering
The Project and Customer
We support BAUER Maschinen GmbH in the development of a Qt-based cabin user interface for the next generation of specialist foundation engineering.
About the Client
BAUER Maschinen GmbH – hereinafter referred to as Bauer – is a globally leading German company in the field of machine development and production for specialty excavation. The company is part of the globally active BAUER Group. Today, Bauer offers a comprehensive portfolio of machines for drilling, milling, piling and mixing technology and has significantly shaped the development of special excavation. Continuous development and the courage to innovate are part of the Bauer DNA.
Kabinen-Benutzeroberfläche für Spezialtiefbaumaschinen 1 basysKom, HMI Dienstleistung, Qt, Cloud, Azure

The central element of user guidance in all Bauer machines, the cabin software, was to be redeveloped. Bauer approached basysKom GmbH with a request for development support and the contribution of expertise.

The cabin software allows for the parameterization of both the machine and the respective construction method. During operation, it visualizes the process sequence as well as a series of assistance systems and provides access to messages and information from the machine. The focus of the new development was on a state-of-the-art UX/UI that is adequate for the complexity of the machine, while simultaneously accommodating all types of drivers from beginners to experts.

Initially, our task was to develop solution concepts and implement an accompanying prototype. Building on this, the overall architecture of the application was designed, the implementation itself was carried out and ongoing coaching of the client and their R&D area was provided with the aim of knowledge transfer and a smooth transition to in-house development.

Kabinen-Benutzeroberfläche für Spezialtiefbaumaschinen 2 basysKom, HMI Dienstleistung, Qt, Cloud, Azure
Kabinen-Benutzeroberfläche für Spezialtiefbaumaschinen 3 basysKom, HMI Dienstleistung, Qt, Cloud, Azure
Kabinen-Benutzeroberfläche für Spezialtiefbaumaschinen 4 basysKom, HMI Dienstleistung, Qt, Cloud, Azure
Kabinen-Benutzeroberfläche für Spezialtiefbaumaschinen 5 basysKom, HMI Dienstleistung, Qt, Cloud, Azure
Kabinen-Benutzeroberfläche für Spezialtiefbaumaschinen 6 basysKom, HMI Dienstleistung, Qt, Cloud, Azure
The design of the HMI itself was developed in close collaboration with Bauer and specialists from Imago Design GmbH in an agile process. Qt 6 and Qt Quick were used for the implementation. The application is operated using a touchscreen or a rotary pushbutton, which is important for safe operation in the event of strong vibrations. A concept for focus navigation was implemented for the integration of the rotary pushbutton. In order to do justice to Bauer's role as a global manufacturer, an internationalized keyboard was developed. The HMI can be used on both X86 and more cost-effective ARM-based terminals. basysKom supported the embedded Linux system integration here.


  • Error prevention through improved driver guidance
  • Dynamic visualization of work processes
  • Focus navigation via rotary pushbutton
  • Integrated help system
  • HMI extensively customizable by the driver
  • Internationalized virtual keyboard
  • Day/Night mode

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