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19 – Agile – Daily Call

A short daily call allows you to track progress on a daily basis


Make sure everyone in your interdisciplinary team knows what everyone else is working on.


A short 15 minute daily call improves the performance, efficiency and interdisciplinary understanding of your teams.

You will have to make sure that this call is moderated and that technical discussions are kept to a minimum.

Everyone will only answer three questions.

  • What have you done since last daily?
  • What are you going to do today?
  • Do you have any immediate issues?

In complex situations you can change the way of asking. First everyone answers what has been done yesterday, then the team can plan together what needs to be done today.


All Projects



Implementation effort

Rougly 15 Team-Minutes per day


All Projects.


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About the Toolbox

The basysKom Toolbox is a state-of-the-art collection of best practices in agile management and software development and a valuable tool for every kickoff meeting.

These cards can be used during a project kickoff in order to select best fitting good practices from the very start of your project, but also as a reminder during the course of a project implementation. Every card holds a QR code with additional information related to the specific tool, the tools’ applicability, known constraints and additional tips on how to implement it in a project setup.

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