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Customer Showcase: OPC UA@Weinig
Essential Summary
basysKom supported the WEINIG Group during the development and implementation of the WWCS while using OPC UA and the open62541 stack: a customer showcase.

In 2021 basysKom supported the WEINIG Group during the development and implementation of the Wood Working Companion Specification (WWCS).

The WEINIG Group

The WEINIG Group is the world’s largest manufacturer of machines and systems for solid wood processing. In 2020/21 a joint EUMABOIS and VDMA working group developed a first OPC UA companion specification for the wood working industry. WEINIG is a founding member of this group. The result is OPC 40550-1 – UA for Woodworking Part 1 – Vertical Interface which has been published during the LIGNA.Innovation event in September 2021. It has also been part of the umati initiative since then.

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basysKom and WEINIG

basysKom supported WEINIG with:

  • Consulting on OPC UA modelling know-how and overall experience with the technology
  • Consulting on how to best utilize the open62541 stack
  • Continuous prototyping efforts during the draft phase of the WWCS
  • Upstreaming of bugfixes for issues found in open62541 during the implementation of the various draft releases
  • Development of custom client-/server components for the final WWCS based on the open62541 stack and Qt OPC UA

As a result of this continuous process, WEINIG was able to offer products with WWCS the same day as the WWCS was published.

basysKom and OPC UA

basysKom is an official commercial support partner for the open62541 project and the maintainer of the Qt OPC UA module. basysKom is umati partner since May 2021. We have worked with customers from various industries to help with OPC UA efforts, offering technical consulting (system-/software-architecture, OPC UA modelling, feasibility studies and prototyping), training and coaching (OPC UA, open62541, Qt OPC UA) as well as development services focused around these areas. Please, get in contact to discuss how we can support you.

opc ua
Picture of Frank Meerkötter

Frank Meerkötter

Frank Meerkoetter is the Development Lead for basysKom GmbH, where he is consulting customers on industrial and embedded applications, often in combination with Qt. He is responsible for the technical consulting, system- and software-architecture within basysKom. He is the maintainer of Qt OPC UA and a contributor to the Qt project. He has a strong background in Embedded Linux, systems programming, distributed systems and application development. He holds a Master of Computer Science from the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt.

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