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COOL – Flutter for embedded systems – a new approach for industrial HMIs
Essential Summary
Join us at the April 2024 edition of the OSADL COOL series to hear about using Flutter for Embedded Linux HMIs.

đŸ—“ïž Date & Time: 24th April 2024, 2 PM
🌐 Format: Online, 2-hour session

Join our presentation on „Flutter for Embedded Linux“ at the upcoming OSADL COOL series, this April 2024.

This event, designed for a wide audience, does not require a OSADL membership. The COOL series, hosted by OSADL, is a monthly webinar focusing on Open Source software in the industrial sector, addressing both legal and technical aspects. Each session includes two lectures—a basic introduction and an advanced exploration—on a specific industry-relevant Open Source topic, followed by a discussion round. Speakers include both OSADL experts and external specialists. This virtual event aims to guide best practices and compliance in using Open Source software in the industry. For more details, visit the OSADL website.

đŸ—“ïž Date & Time: 24th April 2024, 2 PM

🌐 Format: Online, 2-hour session including a comprehensive Q/A

đŸŽŸïž Registration & Details: Register here.

đŸ“č Post-Event Access: Recordings available for later viewing.

Dive into the world of embedded systems with Flutter, exploring its potential and applications in Linux environments.

We will give an overview of the Flutter ecosystem and its tooling. Further, we will outline how using Flutter on embedded Linux differs from using it on other platforms. The lecture will conclude with a high-level comparison of Flutter with Qt/Qt Quick and with a web-based approach for developing embedded HMIs.

The demo in the practical part will show how to develop and deploy a simple example HMI for an embedded Linux system.

We eagerly anticipate your participation. Discover how Flutter can be used in the landscape of embedded Linux.

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Picture of Frank Meerkötter

Frank Meerkötter

Frank Meerkoetter is the Development Lead for basysKom GmbH, where he is consulting customers on industrial and embedded applications, often in combination with Qt. He is responsible for the technical consulting, system- and software-architecture within basysKom. He used to be the the maintainer of Qt OPC UA (2017-2024) and a contributor to the Qt project. He has a strong background in Embedded Linux, systems programming, distributed systems and application development. He holds a Master of Computer Science from the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt.

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